Failover works withous activating failover, why


I configured RUT360 with Wifi-WAN and a 4G SIM-Card.
I thought I have to configure Failover (Under Network/Failover) to get a failover working.
Bat after setting both WAN interfaces, putting Wifi WAN to 1 on the top on Network/WAN I was woundering why the failover ist working fine.
Whan I leave the Wifi-coverage the router changes to 4G - when I come back to Wifi it switches back after 1-2 minutes.

What is the difference to the Failover configuration what is not NOT activated?

Regards, Dirk


When failover/load balancing is not initiated, only the WAN source with the highest metric is utilized. You can verify this by setting the WAN source to the top and checking your IP address, which will only reflect that specific WAN source. Multiple WAN sources are required if either failover or load balancing is intended. Otherwise, all other WAN sources, apart from the first one, will not be utilized.

For more information on failover and load balancing on RUT360, you can visit: RUT360 Failover - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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