Failover Starlink / Mobile RUTX50 dont work


I have a Problem with my RUTX50. The failover Function dont work.

WAN with starlink is metric 1
Interval 15 with ping on

Mobile with SIM Card 1 is metric 2
Interval 15 with ping on

Step1: When Starlink is on and a satillite is connected internet works.
Step2: When Starlink is on but no Connection: internet offline and Failover says Status online
Step3: When I disable Starlink manually in failover: no internet, But Mobile is online.
Step4: When I make mobile to metric 1: no internet
Step5: Restarting: no internet
Step6: Shutdown Starlink and restart: Internet is online over SIM1

What can be wrong?



Please keep in mind, that with your configuration it will take 65 seconds for the failover to consider the Starlink interface down, assuming you have the interval set at 15, and Up/Down fields set to 3. If you’d like the Starlink to be disabled faster, reduce the interval to 3 seconds, and decrease the Down value.
Additionally, I’d recommend checking if the pings actually cannot reach the Google servers by pinging it from your PC.
Lastly, edit the Starlink interface in the failover configuration, and add Disconnected to Flush connections on field. This will ensure any existing connections established via the Starlink will be broken and will re-establish via the mobile interface.

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Perfect! This will work! One last question:

What I must do, when I take this Failover Config:

  1. WLAN
  2. WAN
  3. Mobile

What Are the „Flush connections on“ settings in this case?
Thanks, Nils


Flush connections option simply breaks already existing connections when a certain interface goes down or comes up.
The configuration that I recommended will break all connections on Starlink once the connection goes down. So let’s say you are watching Netflix, and Starlink goes down. By default, the router will keep routing the Netflix connection thru Starlink. However, once the suggested setting is applied, upon Disconnected event, the connection will be broken and re established via the mobile interface. The duration of connection re-establishment may take around 1-2 seconds from the router side, so most applications will not be affected. However, it may be noticeable during online calls, thus this option is not enabled by default.
As for the other interfaces, this option could be useful on the mobile interface if you have limited data and would like to conserve it as much as possible. Let’s say the Starlink is down, and you are using 5G to watch a movie. If you add Connected to the Flush connections on field, the connection will also be broken and transferred onto Starlink once it comes back up.

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Ok, I understand.

So I can take the “Connected” and the “Disonnected” flag to WLAN and WAN. Correct?

Since the new settings the RUTOS App don’t show me the three points on Interfaces. There is only a “+”. And no menu with “Multi WAN”. You know why?



I suggest using the Web interface for more advanced configurations, as the app is mainly meant for monitoring and minor adjustments.
However, I’ve checked, and it seems like it’s still available on the latest Android app:

Try updating the app and check if the issue is still present.

Yes, that should be fine as long as you don’t mind a short disconnection.

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