Failover not switching from sim1 to sim2 (RUTX50)

When WAN on sim 1 (mob1s1a1) goes down, failover doesn’t move to sim 2 (mob1s2a1). In the log it says “WAN (mob1s1a1) is down, no more backups to switch”. Can you explain why? Screenshots below.


Failover can only be used with WAN sources, that are active at the same time. Since RUTX50 has a single modem, it can only use one SIM card at a time. Thus instead of configuring failover, SIM Switch should be configured: RUTX50 Mobile - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Don’t forget to configure an automatic switch back from SIM2 to SIM1!
If you also have wired WAN enabled, both SIM cards can be left enabled in the Failover menu. However, if SIM cards are the only internet source, I’d suggest disabling failover completely.

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