Failed to initialize ssh connection

Issue in connecting with a RUT240 Global on a private network.

RUT240 Global is online in RMS, Icons show that WEB UI and Device CLI is available.

But when trying to generate a connection a error occurs.

Failed to initialize ssh connection.

Which ports need to be open to access WB UI and/or Deviec CLI?

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Hi @easylogic,

Can you provide screenshot of an error message you are getting? This would help immensely troubleshooting issue.

To make sure that WebUI and CLI access is enable you can go to System → Administration → Access Control if those accesses are enable.

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Hi @Marijus,

Thanks for your reply.

A screenshot of error message, but it does not see much more.

The problem has to do with the fact that this RUT has a private sim card and probably firewall settings are blocking the connection.

So i need to know exactly which ports need to be open for RMS to logon to the WEb UI and device cli.

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Do you have any other Teltonika devices in RMS? If so, are they exhibiting similar behavior with the connection, or is the initiation process is going through?

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