External voltage setting

How do you set the low voltage and high voltage on the external voltage input?


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Please use steps below.

You need to send SMS in below format if NO SMS Login and Password is used in device configuration for sending SMS command.

space space setparam 50080:1 to set external voltage priority to low

below mentioned are the parameter ID and their default values. You can set multiple params in a single command format mentioned in the links mentioned below.

Here 50080 is the Parameter ID for setting external voltage’s priority, 1 is the default value, 0 is the value range for Min, 3 is the Max value range

Parameter ID Default value Value range Parameter name

50080 1 0 3 External Voltage Priority
50081 6 0 6 External Voltage Operand
50082 1000 0 60000 External Voltage High level
50083 0 0 60000 External Voltage Low level
50084 0 0 1 External Voltage Event only

Please use link below to find more information about the SMS parameters ID and how to send SMS to the device SIM number.



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