Explanation of Over Speed io255 event

Over Speed=10 - for test

06-28-2024 16:09:21 The io255 = 12 event begins
06-28-2024 16:09:51 The event still continues with a speed of 29
06-28-2024 16:10:43 the gps sends event 255 again with the value 12
Can you explain to me how it works and why the event at higher speeds before the end of the event did not send data.
Thank you

Dear @Talentus,

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The Overspeeding Feature logs alerts when overspeeding begins and ends in km/h. Consequently, you will only receive records at the start and end of the event, which is why there are no alerts in between.

For more information, you may refer to this link: FMB120 Features settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

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Patrick S.

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