Expand wifi network with RUTX11


I currently have a router (192.168.10.xxx) that gets broadband. DHCP server is on a dedicated Rasberry PI.

How do I setup my RUTX11 as a dumb access point (i.e. no DHCP, etc) so that wifi clients can sign on to the RUTX11 which is connected to main 192.168.10.xxx network via Wifi? I want to do this so that I can increase my signal strength. Ideally, I would only want “one” SSID so that all the wifi networks from different access points show as one.

I’m not that great at networking, so am a bit overwhelmed by the options! Any advice anyone might have would be very helpful!



In this case, a device like TAP200 might suit your needs a little better, as it is a dedicated access point without the routing capabilities.
However, if you’d like to configure the RUTX11 to do the same, you will need to configure WiFi relay:
This way the RUTX11 clients will be in the same network as the upstream devices. Additional protocols like 802.11k/v/r can be used for a smoother handover experience from one access point to the other.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks! I will give it a shot! :slight_smile:

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