Exim syntax RUT240 1.13 1.4.16

We are getting Exim syntax errors and ip blocks from our host, I disabled (unchecked) event reporting send email, but the host exim logs still show an SMTP connection when the modem boots. Does RUT240 establish a smtp connection regardless? Should i delete these report actions completely? The logs say th exim error is because the ip does not have dns entry. It cant because it is a dynamic ip allocated by the mobile network. This is why I am attempting to disable email reporting, and instead implement a webservice reporting via user scripts


Are the events still triggering rules, even though you have disabled them? Is that correct?

Could you try deleting events reporting rules completely and see if the events are still triggered?

What firmware version is installed on your RUT240? If it is not the latest version, I would suggest updating the firmware.

If this does not help, could you try downloading a backup, then restoring the device to factory defaults to see if the issue persists? You can upload the backup afterwards.

If you have a dynamic IP address and want to have a resolvable hostname, you can use DDNS. You can find more information about DDNS here.

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I remotely deleted all the Event Reporting profiles - and yet there were still exim errors thrown at the server. We went onsite and upgraded the firmware to a newer release , made sure not to preserve settings and then recreated the configuration required. That seemed to resolve the issue.

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