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A company I am helping troubleshoot problems have issues with their sim provider who keeps giving them warnings due to excessive pings sent to Googles
What I am trying to figure out is if this pinging is coming from the routers or the only other device on the network in each scenario as the setup on each site is a simple piece of hardware then the RUT router on 4G.

As the other device has no diagnostics and is harder to get remote access too i figured i would start by looking at the router to see if that is causing the problem.

They have about 35 Teltonika RUT950 devices and all have the same thing, they ping every second! so its not the auto-reboot feature, and its clearly excessive.

Is there a chance this is the router? and is there a way i can monitor the traffic source etc? they do have a RMS subscription and the routers are accessible via that if it helps me with diagnosing this.


In this case, there are two things that I would suggest checking.

  • Failover/Load-balancing uses pings to check connectivity. If you have failover or load-balancing configured, you can increase the time between pings, as well as specify a different ping host by editing the interface in the failover/load-balancing configurations. By default, it tries to ping and DNS servers.

  • APN settings. When Auto-APN is enabled, the device checks if it can access the internet by pinging some servers listed in /etc/config/operctl. This way, it figures out if it was able to connect using a specific APN. If these ping tests don’t work, it will restart and try connecting using a different APN. So, if you want to stop these regular ping tests, just turn off Auto-APN and enter your APN manually.

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Hi Andzej,

Many thanks for that, that would appear to be the feature that is causing the issue. So in the Failover settings it is the mob1s1a1 that was triggering it.

I am going to disable the feature as we only use 1 sim so have no failover, however i initially tried changing the interval but it appears to have no affect on the frequency as its still carried on pinging every second. Not a problem for us as we are not using the feature, just thought i should mention it.

Hardware RUT950 - Firmware: RUT9_r_00.07.04.5

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