Error when using RMS Connect - Remote access. The page redirected you to many times


We have a few RUTX11 routers on our remote construction sites.

I have a few issues using RMS connect for jumping to devices on the networks, usually printers/plotters.

I get this error message almost every time on all our sites.

I have tried using both Brave and Edge browser with no luck.

If i refresh the page a million times, sometimes i get access to the device, but its a real pain.

I can connect to the routers via RMS with no issues.

Any suggestions?


Does this occur when you are trying to reach devices in LAN of RUTX11, or does this issue happens when you access the WebUI of RUTX11 over RMS as well?

If you try accessing this link from a different device, for example, your phone, are you able to connect then?

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Hi Andzej

This occurs when im trying to reach a device in LAN on the RUTX11 like a printer.
The error never occurs when recahing the WebUI over RMS.


So clearing all cache or using incognito mode does not help?

What about connections from other devices via RMS link?

How often does this issue occurs, and is it always with the same printers/plotters? If you have other LAN devices, have you tried connecting to them?

What are your configurations on the device? Do you have, for example, load-balacing or custom firewall rules configured?

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I have tried clearing all cache, and tried with both Brave, Edge, Chrome and Firefox brosers.
We run the routers with standard configuration, so there is no strange firewall rules, routing or other settings that might be the issue.
It used to work well, but lately, we almost never can get it to work nomatter what device we try to reach on the LAN side of the router.
The issue is the same across multiple routers on various sites, so its not just one router/site thats having issues.

Any suggestion on how we can troubleshoot it?


What firmware version is installed on your RUTX devices?

If you are using mobile connection, could you try lowering MTU on the mobile interface manually? To do so, navigate to Network → Interfaces → edit Mob1s1a1 → Advanced settings. There, try setting MTU manually. Values to try are 1460, 1360, 1260.

Also, could you please check if you can access your LAN devices properly via RMS VPN? Video tutorial for RMS VPN Hubs is available here.

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