Error installing bootloader on Teltonika Rut950 device

I have a Teltonika Rut 950 device. It gave an error while updating and now it gives an error when I want to reinstall the software.

When I want to install the RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5 bootloader version, the page gives an error and the system does not load.
Can you help with the issue?


First of all, make sure that you are actually uploading the firmware file to (NOT /uboot.html).

Secondly, the firmware version that you can be uploaded depends on the bootloader version. Thus, depending on the device you have, you can try uploading the Legacy firmware first, and if it is not accepted, then try uploading a RutOS v7.0+ firmware. For example, 07.02.7, or 07.05.4, or other versions. Firmware for RUT950 can be downloaded from here.

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