Enabling wifi only after modem connection

Hi guys!
I have following issue with my IoT on RUT955: my device is wireless connected to RUT955/RUT240/RUT200 and I discovered it crashes if wireless is on before RUT955 has internet access.
I can’t change device code, so I need to work on Teltonika side.
I would like to disable wlan at boot, then enable wlan through a script.
This works if manyally done, how can I automatically disable wlan at boot?


To make things easier, I recommend writing a script not only for disabling WLAN at boot but also for enabling WLAN when your RUT has internet access.

Unfortunately, we don’t write scripts, but we have a wiki page with user script examples that you can refer to: User Scripts examples - Teltonika Networks Wiki. If you have any questions or need help with some commands, please let me know!

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