Enable sip-alg for other port than 5060

I have two SIP devices on the LAN network behind my RUT360.
Doing port forward to get WAN (LTE) traffic to my LAN-side.

To establish SIP session to those devices the port-fwd works.
But when SIP negotiates RTP and it announces its LAN-IP (normal)
sip-alg is suppose to help and fix the issue by re-writing the content of the SIPand replace LAN IP with WAN IP. I can only get that to work for the default SIP port 5060,not for a different port like 5061.

I need to use two different ports on the WAN side as I have two different SIP devices I need to reach. But now only the device using port 5060 is working.
Device using 5061 is not working. (no RTP) .I see it still negotiates in the SIP-packet its internal LAN IP.

  • Firmw: RUT36X_R_00.07.05
  • Kernel: 5.4.251
  • Boot: 4.1.2

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