"Empty interface" (shown on failover site)

For some time now, two “empty interfaces” have been displayed on the (e.g.) Network > Failover page of my RUTX50:

How can I delete them? Where do they come from (old WLAN access point?)


Certainly, you can delete them as they are not assigned to anything. Your assumption is correct; these may be from previous WiFi WANs. However, in such cases, information like “Name,” “Type,” and “Interval” is still retained and saved in the last-seen state.

Have you configured any other WAN interfaces apart from WLAN?

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Hi Marijus,

… no:

And how/where can I delete these interfaces? (They are not shown anywhere else …)

Thanks, peter.


To delete this, use the CLI/SSH. The Failover information is stored in the /etc/config/mwan3 file.
Each failover WAN interface typically has 4 groups of information (in this case, it’s ifWAN1 - Wireless WAN source). Delete these groups.


Also, in the entries for the ‘mwan_default’ and ‘balance_default’ config policies, remove unnecessary entries (same ifWAN1 in the shown case).


That should be sufficient, keep in mind not to delete anything wan, mob1s1a1 and mob2s1a1.

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Thanks Marijus,

please give me some more guidance how to do (I’m not famillar with CLI) … I just got logged on … and then?

Thanks again, peter.

Hi Marijus,

it seems that I’ve done it the right way:

Thanks + regards, peter.

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Dear Peter,

I’m a die-hard-Linux guy, thus I would use vi to edit tis config file.
But maybe you have used a solution more suited to the
not-so-tech-savvy user? Care to share? I’m always interested
to learn and maybe it’s of interest to others too.

Thanks and best regards,
Timelapse Admin

Hi Timelapse Admin,

I’ve used FileZilla to log into my RUTX50, to search and edit the file.

Regards, peter.

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