Dynamic DNS providers supported

I see that DDNS is suported with an extra package on the RUT241, and its stated that some 15 providers are supported.

When I load the package, it doesn’t list these providers, is there a list somewhere so I can get an account set up with one?


Regarding Dynamic DNS, RUT241 device will Supported more than 25 service providers for DDNS, others can be configured manually.

In the Web-UI configuration, After loading the DDNS package, please Navigate to Services → Dynamic DNS as shown below.

There create a new DDNS configuration by writing the Name and clicking Add button.

Enable the instance and click on the Dropdown list where you can find the list of provider, Select required DDNS Service provider.

Provide the Doming, Username and Password as per the service provider.

Set IP address source to Public., Click Save & Apply button.

Wait for about 5 minutes from the time you saved the changes. In the Status column, you should see the last time the DDNS was updated and whether the service is running.

For more information please visit RUT241 Dynamic DNS - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Also, please find the few links to DDNS configuration examples





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