Double NAT connection between two RUT955


I have two routers I want to ping from one device connected to one router, to another device connected to the other router.

Router A has an IP of and has two devices connected to it. one with .100 and .64.
Router B has an IP of and has two devices connected with the same fourth octet being as the first router.

I tried to make A client for B and give it a static IP of in the WAN interface. I can ping devices of router B from the CLI of router A. This is working as it should be.

The problem is from B side. I can only ping router A from B ping and i get a response back, but i cannot ping any devices of router A.

I did make a static route from B side but i cannot see the devices still (I added a picture for it)

This is how the interface is made from A to B

Do I need to allow some firewall settings to allow connections from LAN to WAN or vice-versa on ony of the routers?


Hello Voiar

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Is it possible for you to draw the topology, in a simple way with IP’s so i would be able to replicat ethe same here in the Test Bench
this would ensure that I can be able to test in your exact setup and give you updates


Dear Rashid,

I added image for the network topology.

What matters for me is to keep the ip of both devices the same. I don’t want to change any of IPs for both devices. The connection (sending files/ping) should happen between ip and back and forth.



Thanks for the Topology
Could you try the following option in Network>Routes>Static Route of the Router B

After this restart the router and try

Let us know if the issue persist


Hi Rashid,

Thanks a lot, it did solve the problem, شكراً.

Have a good day

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