Don't understand the behavior of ID read Notifications

I have my Tags defined with the reverse order,
ID read Notification

  • output control → Dout 2
  • IButton list Checking
  • Depend on ignition : disabled

I see that the tag is read, because the ID is in the Ibutton IO.
But some times I see the DOUT 2 go to 1, but in other moments I can’t see anything happening. What logic is behind it.

State :
Sleep mode 0
Data mode 5
Ignition / movement 1


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

IButton read Notification function controls parameter let user choose which DOUT will Ibutton blink, After connecting Ibutton, DOUT will blink for a period of time, which is configured in DOUT ON Duration parameter.

When you enable this feature and when Ibutton is detected it will be make selected DOUT for certain duration in (ms) as mentioned in the configuration to let device know that Ibutton has been detected. Please click on link below to find more information on this feature.


Ashutosh S.

It is not working as it is described in the manual. Far from even.
In this movie I activate the ignition, and from that point on I put the tag in front of the reader again and again ( iButton in the left bottom corner ). And finally at 4.20min the DOUT2 is set to 1. Some times it does the DOUT quicker but never ever with in 30 seconds after the ignition is switched on.

So RFID reader is useless if it doesn’t behave properly every time. I am going to look for another device, because support seems to be only point to the manual here.
It look good but more and more things block it using it how I want to use it.


This feature should work well, please check the screenshot below:

  1. Connect your buzzer to DOUT 2,
  2. I use 1000 ms or 1 sec for the DOUT 2 to be activated when the RFID card is read by the device.
  3. I enabled the list checking for authorization which means if the ID entered into the authorized ID list is not correct the DOUT will not be triggered.

    Wiki page reference for decoding the RFID card: 1-Wire RFID Reader - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (
  4. In case the DOUT didn’t activate try to disable the list checking for authorization and double check your authorize list in case you want to enable it again.
  5. To troubleshoot it make sure do disable other DOUT from the configurator and use only DOUT 2 for this ID read notification.

Best Regards
Maynard C.

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