DNS Dinamicoc chip vivo

Pessoal, bom dia! estou com um problema no RUT 240. Mesmo fazendo a configuração correta não estou conseguindo acessar. Conseguem me ajudar? Fiz todo o passo a passo e não voltou a comunicar.
Estou usando um chip VIVO


A few things to make sure:

  • SIM PIN is entered;

  • Firmware is up-to-date;

  • Try disabling Auto APN feature by navigating to Network → Interfaces → General by editing the mob1s1a1 interface. In the Custom APN field enter zap.vivo.com.br, select authentication method as CHAP, with the username and password vivo. If that does not work, try changing authentication to PAP.

Additionally, there have been some reports by other users regarding registration on Vivo network. Please try contacting your ISP and checking if they are not blocking the connection from the RUT240.

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Ola, bom dia! fiz todos esses procedimentos e mesmo assim não voltou a funcionar… É estranho porque antes funcionava normalmente.


If absolutely nothing was changed on the router when this issue started happening, it may be that the carrier has something to do with this. Have you tried contacting them?
Additionally, I’ll ask you to replicate the issue, navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, open the System Log dialog, and paste the logs here (make sure to remove any sensitive information). They can help me determine where the issue is.

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