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Dear Teltonika Team,

Do you have an example how to set up DNS configuration of a RUTX11? I use it with a SIM card, and it is currently not connected to any Wifi. I can access it via RMS, but I fail to understand if/how I need to set up DNS.

Under WAN interfaces I have

  • Wifi bridge to my router at home - currently down, because it’s out of reach
  • mob1s1a1: active connection - protocol: Mobile; Mode: NAT; PDP type: IPv4
  • mob1s2a1: offline (no SIM inserted)
  • wan: disabled
  • wan6: disabled

Then there is 1 LAN interface (Type: Bridge, Protocol: Static; IPv4: with DHCPv4 enabled. But do I have to do something with DNS, too?

I plan to attach a Raspberry Pi 4 via ethernet cable to the RUTX11’s LAN1 port, i.e. my RPi4 needs 1) a hostname and IP from the RUTX11’s DHCP, and 2) it needs the ability to resolve extern hostnames to IPs (via DNS). And this must work without any connection to my home router, i.e. all must come via mobile connection on the RUTX11. How does this work?

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I recommend checking these wiki pages:

Hope thus helps!

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