DMZ or port forwarding does not work on RUTX08

I have set up a RUTX08 to my internet provider with a public IP on the WAN side of the router. On the LAN side I have several servers that I need to access from the outside. For that reason I’ve set up both port forwarding and DMZ to a address. However, none of them are working.
When I try to connect from the outside WAN, I only got access denied.
All the relevant ports and services are open on the inside equipment. I have recently used a ASUS router, where everything is working fine with port forwarding and DMZ.

What am I missing here?
Why can’t I get either DMZ or port forwarding to work on the Teltonika?

This is part of the settings under port forwarding.


Assuming that the end devices use these ports, then the rules look correct.

If you enable remote HTTP(S) access in System → Administration → Access Control, are you able to reach the WebUI of the RUTX08 via public IP on port 80?

What firmware version do you have installed?

Do your end devices have a default gateway configured via RUTX08 LAN IP?

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Aah, you nailed it! When you mentioned it I realized that the default gw on the internal servers were set to another than the RUTX08. I changed them and then everything was working. Except for the port forward rule for port 22, that I had to delete and then add again.

Thank you so much!


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