Distinguish devices with unique login password by serial number

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devices with unique login passwords can be identified by batch number. So far, so good!

My customer - having hundreds of devices “new and old” - has stored no batch number in the CMDB, but of course the serial number. Customer has sold the devices as part of his product to various of his customers, so lacking access to each device.

=> Is there a way to distinguish devices with unique login password, e.g. by serial number (e.g. numbers starting from xxxxxxxxxx or similar)?

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The newest of devices have a serial number that starts with 6. All of these devices have unique passwords (for the main order codes). However, there was quite a big period where the devices had an old style of serial numbers, yet they also had unique passwords. There is not much that can be done to identify these devices.

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Thank you for your reply, Daumantas!

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