Disabling canbus flags P4 doent work in FMB140


We have FMB140 with canbus adapter and i tried to disabled all unnecessary fields from canbus
using commands: setparam xxxxx:0

i succeeded with most of them except all the P4 fields :

Security state flags P4 46030
Control state flags P4 46040
Indicator state flags P4 46050
Agricultural state flags P4 46060
Utility state flags P4 46070

i sent command setparam with priority 0 to these multiple times but all values continue to sent to server.

what is the problem?

FW: 03.27.13_03

Hello Rafi,

Parameter IDs for P4 Fields that you have mentioned above and mentioned command setparam xxxxx:0 were correct. For more information about Parameter List you may refer on this link: FMB140 Parameter list - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Once the command was sent were you able to receive any response from the device?

SMS Command should follow this format in order to be properly executed by the device.
If Authentication is set:
If no Authentication is set:

Given that the Structure is correct and response confirmation from the device is received. It is worth to confirm that there might be some data stored on the device that was not yet sent to your server that causes these values continue to sent to server, in this case you may send the following sms commands to reset the records and reboot the device.

sdformat - removes data stored on the device.
cpureset - reboots the device.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,