Different subnet routes in VPN hub


We have configured a VPN HUB on RMS with one RUT300 (;
The WAN adress of the router is
On the LAN ports we have a PLC with other PLC related devices.
The addresses of the profinet devices are;
ROBOT: (needs to be on a different subnet)

We added the above mentioned routes.

We can connect to the PLC and go online with the PLC software. This is ok.
We have a problem connecting with the robot.
Pinging the robot always end with Time-Out.

Please advise how can we connect to the robot.


With this subnet mask, the networks of your LAN and WAN interfaces overlap. I would suggest to configure one of the ports on RUT300 as an untagged VLAN in network, and change LAN network to Then, in RMS VPN Hub settings, you can add two routes: via RUT300 via RUT300

Once you set-up a VLAN, you will have an interface in the network on RUT300. Make sure that the ROBOT has a default gateway configured and is pointing towards the VLAN inteface on RUT300 (for example,

You can find VLAN instructions here.

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