DHCP config on 2 LAN ports RUT901

I’ve used other brands of router before, but would do with some help on this please. I’m trying to configure some RUT901’s to use DHCP on at least 2 of the LAN ports, but with restricted ranges so than I know the IP addresses of any equipment connected:
LAN1: address DHCP range to
LAN2: address DHCP range to

Could someone advise how to do that please?

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Does your main requirement is separating both LAN1 and LAN2 port interfaces and then limiting the DHCP leases for each network? If yes, First you would need to create a 2nd LAN interface port dedicated to the LAN2 port since all LAN interfaces are in VLAN 1 by default.

For the main LAN ( /24) subnet you can limit the DHCP leases by navigating to Network → LAN. Then click the pencil icon to edit the lan configuration.

Below is a brief steps you could follow for configuring LAN 2:

  1. Separate the VLAN of LAN port 2.
  • Navigate to Network → VLAN → Port Based.
  • Turn off the LAN 2 in VLAN 1.
  • Create a new VLAN then assign the LAN 2 to it by selecting the Untagged (Access Port).
  1. Create a new LAN interface.
  • Create a new LAN interface

  • Enable the DHCP Server then put your desired range.

  • In the physical settings, choose the right interface based on the newly created VLAN (e.g. VLAN3 = eth0.3)

Let me know the results.

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In addition,

An alternative approach for easy management of the connected equipment to the router is by utilizing the Static lease functionality where you could assign a static IP address regardless the range of the DHCP pool.

Reference - RUT901 DHCP - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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