Devices are turned off and disconnected

FW version: 03.29.00.Rev.18

The devices turn off with some frequency and apparently reset and reconnect, but it continues to happen periodically on several from time to time.
Additionally, all the digital outputs drop, which in some cases causes the car to turn off because it disables the cut-off relay.

It happens that they stop sending data and at the time of shutdown/reset it stops reading, but I have placed a relay and a lamp on DOUT.2 and DOUT.1 that turn off when this happens and revive afterwards.

This has happened since the last firmware update.

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In this situation, we would like to recommend to contact your Teltonika Sales Manager which will help to check these issue with our Technical Support engineers.

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We e have already tried it. And we have already had a very bad experience with the support and attention received. Due to this, we have had a fleet of 40 vehicles stopped for 3 months and they have not been able to find a solution. For them to respond is a very difficult challenge.

In the end we had to change suppliers, because they were not able to solve it.

It’s a shame that a product that could be very good has such poor customer service.