Device continue to send CanBus params despite Priority==0


we have FMB240 (IMEI: 352016700561350, FW ver: 03.27.13_03) connected to a canbus adapter.
i sent the command below to stop sending most of the cunbus fields, several times in recent hours and i got feedback that all params accepted.
but still the device continue to send most of the canbus fields. the vehicle made several trips (ignition on/off) in the meantime.
why this happens? is there a bug? what am i doing wrong?

setparam 46030:0;46040:0;46050:0;46060:0;46070:0;45250:0;45260:0;45290:0;45300:0;45310:0;45320:0;45330:0;45890:0;45900:0;45910:0;40210:0;45650:0;45660:0;45670:0;45680:0;45690:0;45700:0;45710:0;45720:0;45730:0;45740:0;45750:0;45760:0;45770:0;45780:0;45790:0;45800:0;45810:0;45820:0;45830:0;45840:0;45850:0;45860:0;45870:0;45880:0

here is a screenshot of the latest message from device

Double-check the syntax and parameters in your “setparam” command. Any syntax errors or incorrect parameter values could result in the command not being executed as expected. Mybkexperience Ensure that you are using the correct parameter IDs for the canbus fields you want to stop.

all these been checked. all values are correct, syntax is correct, i get response from device with all new values as 0.

but still device continue to send fields.


Please try to send cpureset command if it does not work.
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