Deny traffic betweeen WiFi and Mobile

I need to prevent WiFi acces to the mobile network. Mobile & WiFi are used to communicate with a device on lan. Don’t want the user connected to WiFi to use the modem for other purposes.



Here’s a simplified and easy-to-understand tutorial on how to restrict internet access for a Wi-Fi client while allowing communication with other devices in the LAN network(s):

  1. Navigate to Network → Wireless → SSIDs and click “Edit” on your desired Wi-Fi interface.

  1. n the new pop-up window, find the “Network” section, click the dropdown menu, select “Auto(wifi0),” and click “Save & Apply.”

  1. You’ll be prompted to a new pop-up window for the new LAN interface. Here, add a new IPv4 address for this interface. Choose a different network from your main LAN network. For instance, if your LAN network is, enter Enable the DHCP server by clicking “Setup DHCP Server,” and then click “Save & Apply.”

  1. Now, create a traffic rule to block access to WAN from the newly created LAN network ( Go to Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules, and add a new rule at the bottom. Name it, select Source zone “lan:lan wifi,” Destination zone “wan,” and click “Add.”

  1. In the new window, enable the traffic rule, choose Protocol “All,” set Source IP address to “,” Output zone to “wan,” Action to “Drop,” and click “Save & Apply”. Settings should look like this:

After completing these steps, your Wi-Fi should no longer have internet access.

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