Dedicated SSID for mobile networks only (mob1s1a1 and/or mob1s2a1)

Hi folks.

I am using a Teltonika RUTX50 router but am not well-versed in network configurations. Due to poor internet connectivity in my area, I often need to switch to a 4G network. Therefore, I’d like to set up two SSIDs: one that exclusively uses the WAN connection and another that only connects through the mobile network interface (mob1s1a1). I’m not looking to establish a failover system.

Below is a screenshot of my current configuration for the Wi-Fi that is supposed to use only the SIM card.
How can I make this work?


Could you clarify the purpose of separating traffic to two different SSIDs?
From configuration aspect, while it is doable, both SSIDs will remain active (unless custom scripts are used). If you’d like to separate traffic due to data limit on the mobile interface, I’d suggest using traffic rules to deny certain hosts from accessing the internet via the mobile interface. Traffic rules can be configured by navigating to Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules. An example instance could look like so:

Where Source IP address is the IP of the device you’d like to block from accessing the internet.
Alternatively, you could block all traffic, and then create a different rule with whitelisted IP addresses.
Let me know if there is a different use case.

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Thank you for your quick reply.

Yeah limited data on the mobile interface is the reason why I’d like to use two different SSIDs.

The suggestion to use Traffic Rules is a great idea; it would indeed allow for effective management, where guests are restricted from using mobile data, while workers have access to it.

However, considering that workers will use mobile data only when necessary (for activities like video calls, SSH tunneling, etc.), it’s important for them to have the flexibility to switch between the mob1s1a1 and the WAN connection as per their requirements. Hence why I was thinking of two distinct SSIDs. Is there any workaround?

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