DDNS IPv6 Wildcard for Custom Service

Hello, I use the RUT240 and would like to use an individual DDDNS service. Which wildcards for the IPv6 address do I have to use here in the custom URL? Thanks


Could you brief us more about which wildcard you want to use in the custom URL? For example, maybe you can share with us captured image or picture for the custom URL that you mean, make sure that any private info is not shown, or you could just show us a dummy sample of your configuration.

Are you trying to build your own DDNS server? or do you want to use any DDNS service provider?

Different DDNS providers may have different settings but the parameter should be similar. For example, this is an IPv6 DDNS configuration from NoIP.com



Hello, I would like to use the provider inwx. Its DNS service used this update URL: https://dyndns.inwx.com/nic/update?myip=&myipv6=
ipv4 works fine.
The same problem exists with the provider all-inkl:


We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not have an account available for testing or a specific guide for using the INWX and Kasserver DDNS services. However, we would like to suggest an alternative option. You can try using the NoIP service, which has been thoroughly tested on Teltonika devices for both IPv4 and IPv6.

If you prefer to proceed with INWX or Kasserver, we recommend reaching out to their support teams directly. They will be better equipped to assist you with any specific questions related to their services.

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