Data usage and data limit issue with RUTX_R_00.07.06

I am using RUTX09, and get data usage reporting inconsistency as well as significantly underestimated in data limit counting. I observed this issue is also there in previous FW version (07.05.3 and 07.05.4). Before that I used 07.04.05 which provided consistent data usage and data limit counting, but I remember another data usage reporting issue were fixed as well (behavior was somehow a bit different).
I did have previous posts.
In this one I try to better show the issue as it was not reproduced. I have also Troubleshoot files available if it can help.
In the following picture you can see the reported 40GB consumption since beginning of the month for SIM1 (from value I get from my provider it seems quite underestimated 10 to 15% less)

But if we look at data usage for SIM1 for this month I have only 11GB:

Also, no data consumption for 3 to 6th of January which is incorrect. The next day I did a capture of same data usage report for SIM1. The rough 6GB reported on the 7th of January just becomes a few tens of MB and the current month usage is lower than it was the previous day with almost 4GB that disappeared !

Last I look to Total data usage in addition to gap in this one (I use everyday 1 SIM or the other), I have also some strange "invalid date " appearing in the legend:



After using the router for at least five days, the mobile data usage graph and mobile interface virtually show the same data.

Take note that, since Friday and Saturday are weekend days, there is no data usage displayed.

note that data usage value might differ as data calculations may be different from Sim Card provider.
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Here is a new screen capture of Month Data usage for SIM1, data consumption for 7th, 8th an 9th of January have now mysteriously disappeared !
What’s going on ? Everyday data consumption of previous day is changed !

Not sure if reported data consumption is SIM1 data limit is correct but still at least it increases (now 52GB) which is not the case of data reported in “Status/Realtime/Mobile usage” which remains in 10GB range…

I can provide troubleshoot file or provide some mobile usage database information for R&D investigation if you indicate me what you need.
@rashid , looks like your testing configuration is different of mine such you cannot reproduce the issue. But obviously there was an issue that was introduced between 7.04.5 and 7.05.3 as when I did a downgrade from 07.05.4 to to 07.04.5 I retrieved a normal behavior in data counting… Any suggestion other than downgrading again to 07.04.5 ?


Since We are not able to replicate this issue, We appreciate your information. We want to look into this issue more closely. The best way to do that is to contact your reseller or sales manager. They can give you a direct way to communicate with us and help us solve the problem. If you don’t have a reseller or a sales manager, please use this form to contact us: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT 2

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