Data usage and dat limit issue with RUTX_R_00.07.05.3 and 5.4

Using RUTX09.
New regression in Data usage reporting and data limit with inconsistent behavior for data limit (underestimated) and data usage figure obviously inconsistent.
In my case I am using my RUTX09 everyday and have only a few day where some data usage is visible.
Data counting for limit is severely underestimated (compared to provider counters). Everything was fine in 7.04.

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Apologies for the late revert as I was trying to recreate your case.

I tried to connect my SIM card to a router and downloaded a 100MB File. Then I removed the sim card from the router. I have done this for 2 days and from the data usage graph, it is only showing 100 MB for the chart.

Hope this helps.