Data transfer and remote access

Hi, i’m looking for a solution and hope, that anybody can help me out.
Here is the situation:
I’m meassuring water levels of a river on a remote station.
That station is powered by solar cells, so power efficiency is crucial.
The recorded data has to be sent to another station, where water levels are meassured.
That data collector is combining both recorded data.
The combined data needs to be send through a wired internet connection to a server.
In addition, i want to be able to remotely access both stations.
How do i do that?
All the help i can get is much appreciated.




Thanks for reaching us,
Which protocols are supported for measuring water level?
Is there a specific protocol available for sending data to another server, considering we have data to transfer to a server?
Do you have any recommendations for a VPN server that could be utilized for secure remote access?

Generally, we have implemented a solution similar to what you want. Please review the provided use cases.


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