Data to server question

i have question about data to server via mqtt

  1. read from modbus serial this is my json format
    {“date”:“15/08/2023 03:04:03” ,“windspeed”:“[0]”}
    i want to remove [] before send to mqtt
  2. i want to calculate data before sending to mqtt. example plus 10 to windspeed
    raw data {“date”:“15/08/2023 03:04:03” ,“windspeed”:“[0]”} ,
    after plus 10 {“date”:“15/08/2023 03:04:03” ,“windspeed”:“[10]”}


The brackets can be removed by enabling the Brackets option in the Modbus Master instance:

As for the seconds question, unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to perform data processing on the device (other than adding “1” before the actual data in the Data to Server template).

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