Data to server problem - need to disable buffering if internet is down

I’m using RU240 router with firmware v7.05
I’m reading Modbus register from a slave and sending that with the Data to Server function to a HTTP server with custom format.

When my internet connection go down on the RUT240, it buffers the modbus data to the internal SQlite database and when the connection is restored, it will send all the messages that couldn’t be sent while the connection was down.
The problem is that my server have difficulty to manage all the fast messages sent when the connection is restored.

Can we disable that buffering for the Data to Server and just drop the messages that couldn’t be sent?



Currently there is no way to disable data storage in the SQLite database, however, as a workaround, a crontab could be added to periodically delete the database file. It could look like this:

*/5 * * * * rm -rf /tmp/modbus_db >/dev/null 2>&1

This Crontab will force the deletion of the database every 5 minutes.
More information on Crontabs can be found here: Crontabs - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Hope this helps!

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