Data to server: http send req more than period

i want to sent modbus data by http
i set period 30s
when i monitor at server rut 955 send data more than i set in period
this is my log at server
{ timestamp: ‘24/07/2023 15:27:35’, windspeed: ‘[0]’ }
{ timestamp: ‘24/07/2023 15:27:45’, windspeed: ‘[0]’ }
{ timestamp: ‘24/07/2023 15:27:55’, windspeed: ‘[0]’ }
{ timestamp: ‘24/07/2023 15:28:05’, windspeed: ‘[0]’ }


To get data every 30 seconds, make sure the Modbus requests period is set to 30 seconds in the Modbus Master configuration. Currently, it reads data every 10 seconds and stores it. After 30 seconds, it sends all the accumulated data at once. To receive data only once every 30 seconds, set both the Modbus requests period and the Data to Server sending interval to 30 seconds. This way, you’ll get data at the right frequency without duplicates.

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Thank you AndzejJ

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