Data Acquisition based on the Ignition.

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Can we get the data acquisition based on the Ignition?

Like, when the Ignition is on, data should be sent at a frequency of 10 seconds; when the ignition is off, data should be sent in every 5 minutes.

Please note that if we use the movement source to Ignition, the Idle time will be affected. We don’t want that.

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Sadly the data acquisition modes are based on movement sources.

But you can try the settings below.

The ignition source should be DIN 1, DIN 1 should be connected to the ignition cable of the vehicle so that when you turn the ignition on the mode will automatically change from stop to moving


The movement source should be the ignition

From the Data acquisition set the frequency according to your requirements.

Because you do not want the idle time to be affected maybe you can enable the instant movement for movement detection, Instant movement has no delay so once movement is detected the value will become 1.

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