Custom APN with RUTX50


I’ve been trying to use a SIM with a custom APN in the RUTX50 with no success. If I use a standard SIM the system works fine and the SIM with the custom APN works in another LTE modem.

I’d appreciate any help you can offer.



I’ve been digging into this more and it does not look like the Quectel RG501Q-EU modem in the RUTX50 is not compatible with AT&T Business. It works with regular Verizon services.

Hi, I’m assuming you’re located somewhere in North America considering the carriers you’ve mentioned. RUTX50 (which uses RG501Q-EU modem) most likely won’t function properly, if at all, in NA. If physical band, to which the modem will be connecting to, is supported, it is up to the carrier to accept or reject the device from their network.

Instead, for NA region you might want to consider RUTM50, because this device seems to be dedicated specifically for North America. FCC certification is already there, so I’m willing to bet that carrier certifications may follow as well.

Link for reference:

Do note that in case I am wrong and your RUTX50 is not located in NA, but in EMEA regions instead, then there might be something else going on. In that case, please provide a little bit more information about your location (at least country where RUTX50 is being used) and details about mobile status, other nearby carriers and anything else that you might be willing to share to understand the issue better.

Thank you, yes I am in North America. I’ll take a look at the product you suggested.


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