Creating web user with SSH - RutX09

I have a problem with my Rutx09. For some reason I am not able to log in through the web ui. Error: Device is unreachable.

I dont know why this has happened, but suspect it has something to do with my vendor moving the rutx09 from a private apn and in that prosess some config etc has been messed up?

But I am able to login through ssh with the root user. Is there ant way to create a user with web access through ssh command line. If so, are someone able to help me with a detailed guideline for that?


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Are you trying to access the router from a remote address? or you are trying to access it locally ?

If it is remotely so you have to insert the port number that is configured accordingly

There might be a Web UI block, so i advice to reset the device to factory settings, a reset restores all configurations to their out-of-the-box state and in the process clears the list of blocked users. You can find more on how to perform a reset to factory settings in your device’s.

As an alternative to the WebUI block, Since you have SSH access, you can unblock the IP address by issuing the following command:
/etc/config/ip_blockd, then start editing it using vi /etc/config/ip_blockd and erase the IP that is blocked for that reason, then save the command out.
More on here: Shell Commands - Teltonika Networks Wiki


Yes it is from a remote address. I cant do a factory reset as I have configrations on it, that I cant loose.

I dont find a blocked ip in ip_blockd?


If it is from a remote address, a port forward rule is required if you want to access the device remotely on a certain port number, which is by default 80.

If there is any conflict with the port number you can change it to port number 81

You will configure port forward, the router IP as the internal LAN and the source zone as the WAN interface.

Then you can try to access the router remotely by using the WAN IP on the exact port that HTTP access control supports.


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