Create Task for adding Recipient and Event Reporting

Hello, I am looking for assistance with creating a task that allows us add a new email recipient to our RUTX11 devices, and then a separate task to create a WAN Failover event type from Events Reporting.

Are any or both of these possible?


Apologies for the delayed response.

Could you please explain what you mean when you mention “create a task”?

Are you referring to the RMS Task Manager specifically, or are you looking for another method?

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Correct, I am referring to the Task Manager tasks.


If you want to use Task Manager, then you can create a task with UCI commands to make the necessary changes. If you are not sure which UCI commands to use, I would suggest doing the following:

Configure both, a recipient and an event reporting rule from the WebUI. Then, connect to the router via CLI/SSH (username ‘root’) and execute:

uci show events_reporting
uci show user_groups

This will show your current configurations. Based on that, you can add your new configurations and change them as needed.

However, instead of using Task Manager, I would suggest checking the RMS device configuration functionality here. Basically, you can select your device in RMS, click on Configuration → Device configuration.

There, you will be able to add the necessary configurations more easily:

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