Crash detection setup

I have a FMC920 and I am trying to make it send a notification when a crash happens.

So far I have it on the table to fully setup it before I install it in the car. Everything is apparently working fine but the crash detection.

I tried to make it as much sentive as possible without any result. To test it, take it my hand and a I leave it drop on the table. In real life, it should be a lethal crash but I get no message.

Here you can find my current settings:

I also added it in the SMS events list:

Any suggetions?


Good day, I tested your configuration and it works, try to throw the device a little bit harder but make sure it will not damage the device, test it at your own risk.

No need to add the AVL ID of the crash from the SMS Events,
You can configure it here:

Maynard C.