Controlling a relay

I’m trying to control relays through DOUT on a TFT100 by sending SMS but can’t get the output signal to change. I have sent the “setdigout”-commant and I get a confirmation both through SMS and the WebUI that it changed but when I measure the output voltage through DOUT1/2 (orange/white and violet) I get no change.

Am I getting it wrong. I measuring from DOUT trough Ground and get constant 0V. By reading wiring schemes for other product it looks like it should be connected to the positive side to complete the circuit.
Any ideas?

Dear Auggie,

Teltonika devices will provide the ground when the digital output is ON.
In the relay coil, one side you need to directly connect to the power supply.
The other side of the coil should connect to the digital output.

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Thanks Naveen for making that clear.

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