Connectivity issue when configuring Failover on Teltonika RUT955 router


I am experiencing a connectivity problem with my Teltonika RUT955 router, specifically when configuring the Failover feature. I hope you can assist me in resolving this issue.

The problem arises when I set up Failover to establish a primary connection using the WAN interface, and a secondary connection using the mobile interface (mob1s1a1) in case of unavailability. Once I configure the Failover settings, I lose access to the router. Attempting to access the router’s default IP address,, results in a “err_connection_timed_out” error message in my web browser. Even after rebooting both my PC and the router, the issue persists. I have also tested the connection using both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, but the problem remains unchanged.

I have ensured that the router firmware is up to date, but unfortunately, the problem still persists. It appears that as soon as I configure the Failover feature, the router becomes inaccessible.

Could you please provide assistance and guidance on how to resolve this issue? I am looking forward to your expert advice and any troubleshooting steps you recommend.

Thank you

Hi, what IP address does your WAN port obtain? Does it overlap with your LAN subnet? This is the only scenario I can think of where failover might act up simply by enabling it. If that’s the case, please make sure to change LAN IP and subnet to something else other than (change it to for example

In case that’s not the issue and you’ve got some custom/extensive configuration in terms of routing, failover or anything like that, please post it here. It would be best if you could provide config from the following files using CLI commands:

cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/mwan3
ip -4 -br a

Please make sure to hide any sensitive information from configuration (if there’s any) and use formatting when pasting larger chunks of text like so:
[details="Name of hidden section"] This text will be hidden [/details]