Connection issues between a RUT955 and Azure IoT Hub

Hello there!

I am having connection issues between a RUT955 (FW 07.05.4) and Azure IoT Hub. The problem appears to occur when the Teltonika suffers a connection loss, it then sometimes manages to reconnect to the Azure IoTHub without any problem but sometimes it doesn’t work at all. If it fails it usually helps with turning the “data to server” connection off and then on again or rebooting the device entirely, a solution that works for testing but hardly when the units are deployed.

The fact that it works when turning it off and then on again makes us suspect that the problem lies in the Teltonika device, do you have any suggestions on how to solve this or a clue to what the issue might be?


Next time when the issue occurs, would it be possible for you to navigate to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot → View system logs and share some of these logs here?

Also, after the issue occurs, but before restarting the device, could you please access the device via CLI/SSH (username ‘root’) and execute the following command to restart data to server service to see if it connects then?

/etc/init.d/data_sender restart

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Yes, will try to do that, thanks!

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