Connecting Network Share from Windows 11 client

Hello, I have two Teltonika routers, one RUTX10 in our apartement and one RUTX50 in our country house. They are connected with OpenVPN and it works great to share our files in the family.
I also have a USB stick attached to the RUTX10 router for Network sharing with some friends.
It works fine but not with the standard 445 port (no problem with my ISP as I understand. the
port is open). So I have made a portforward in the router from 8008 to 445. This works fine
with Linux, Android and Macos but not with Windows. Me and a frend using Windows 11 have
spent many hours now but without solving this problem. When I am using a Windows 11 client
inside my two LAN’s (OpenVPN) it works fine, but when I am trying to connect with the WAN
IP or my No-Ip service I get error 67 “Can’t find network” in the same Windows 11 client.
As I understand Windows do not accept changing the port from 445 for Samba shares.
In the device box of the UI for RUTX10 (Network share) i have only “LAN” or nothing and
no WAN. Any idea of how to solve this and to be able to connect from a Windows client?

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