Connecting A TRB140 to Verizon cellular network

We use both Teltonika RUT240 and TRB140 to provide connection to our equipment in the field. We recently shipped one of our units to the United States with a TRB140. Our clients provided a SIM on their Verizon account, with a fixed IP, but we have not been able to get the router to connect. Has anyone had any experience with this network.

The interface MOB1ST1A1 is running with following settings
Protocol: Mobile
Mode: NAT
PDP Type: IPv4
Auto APN: Off
APN: SO01.vzwstatic

In the status overview it has the following in the modem section.
Data Connection: Disconnected
State: Denied; N/A: LTE

Calls to Verizon were very difficult and each time we got through to their technical division we got dropped. It may be that there is something wrong on the Verizon end but wanted to get as much info before trying to trying to talk to them again.


Verizon is very picky regarding devices, accessing their network. And, AFAIK, a TRB140 is NOT certified by Verizon to be used on their networks. There are tricks, to circumvent this official restriction, but too risky for commercial application. I.e. a RUT955 (I am supporting a huge fleet of these using VZ) or a RUT950 are officially certified for VZ, assuming the correct modem installed. A RUT240 is certified for VZ, too. Correct modem assumed.
For any VZ-certified device: VZ is very picky, too, regarding the data packets reaching their network. Your firewall MUST be set up to filter ALL invalid packets, not to reach VZ. I.e. if packets having local IPs (for src or dst) are leaked into the VZ-connection, VZ will drop the connection. ATT or T-Mob (still) are a bit less restrictive.

Thanks for the reply. I had always heard Verizon were a pain if you don’t use equipment from them. I am in the UK and we shipped our equipment there but they requested that they source the SIM cards that we use. Normally we would use Wireless Logic and they could have provide a T-Mobile card for the project.

Could not get any sense out of Verizon, each time we contacted their technical department they would say they had to talk to someone else, put us on hold then the call would drop - this happens 3 times, all in all I wasted six hours and never got an answer.

Unfortunately I am back in the UK but if I get no joy from Verizon I will ship a T-Mobile SIM to them.

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