Connecting 2 4G Routers - RUT955

Hi, Im looking to connected a secondary RUT955 to an existing 955.

Both have a SIM in and basically I want to have
RUT955 No1: Connected to a CCTV camera and Recorder to send alarm signals
RUT955 No2: Connected to RUT955 No1 to access an RTSP from the CCTV camera on an unlimited data SIM.

Basically I can see the RTSP feed if I connect to the RUT No1 IP address, but not if I connect to the public IP for the RUT No2.

I have set up port forwarding etc. but dont know what im missing.


Just to clarify, you’re able to view the feed when connected locally to RUT955, but encountering difficulties accessing it remotely from the second RUT955 over the internet. Is that so?

If it is, could you kindly provide the first two octets (first two numbers) of the IP address for the mobile interface on your first RUT955? Please mask the last two octets, like this:

You can find the mobile interface’s IP address under Network → Interfaces . The interface for SIM slot 1 will be Mob1s1a1 , while for SIM slot 2, it will be Mob1s2a1 . What is the IP address?

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