Connected to RUTX11 but windows 11 fails to discover location

How can I get my Windows 11 pc connected via wi-fi and/or LAN to my RUTX11 to use the RUTX11’s GPS service. Logging in to the RUTX11 accurately reports my location but apps installed on my PC don’t. Google Maps does but I believe that’s because it tracks me using other sources.


This depends on the application you have in mind. GPS on RUTX11 can be configured to:

  • Forward NMEA sentences to your specified server.
  • Send GPS information to your server over HTTP.
  • Send GPS data to your AVL server.

If your application can work as a server and accept this data, then you should be able to configure RUTX11 to send it to your application.

You can find more information about the GPS on RUTX11 here. Alternatively, you can use GPS IoT platforms like the one mentioned here.

Also, traccar is quite a popular choice with some of our devices. You can find information about it on their website here. There are also examples of traccar configuration on our forums, so you can search for those as well.

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