Connect to Internet RUT950

When I connect to RUT 950 using Windows Build-In VPN (PPTP/LTTP ) my PC internet connection disappears.
What would be the settings so I could get internet from RUT 950 while I‘m connected to it over VPN (PPTP/LTTP )


I am not fully aware of your configurations, maybe you could clarify if your windows machine needs to access internet through RUT950 over PPTP, or your Windows machine needs to access internet through another internet source and use PPTP to access RUT950 only?

I suggest checking if the PPTP connection is used as the default gateway on your Windows machine. You can take a look at this article here and disable the gateway option if it is turned on.

If you want your RUT950 to route PPTP traffic to internet, make sure that forwarding from PPTP zone is allowed to WAN. To do so, navigate to Network → Firewall → Edit PPTP zone and add WAN zone to ‘allow forward to destionation zone’.

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