Connect non-Teltonika bluetooth device to RUTX11

I have a Victron Smart blue IP22 battery charger that via its own iOS app I can read perfectly. But I’d like to add it to my RUTX11.
Pairing works (although it did not ask for a PIN) and it shows up in the list of paired devices, but shows no device data.
What should I do next? I also cannot find via Google info on how to pair using a PIN code as that seems to me the first step.
Thanks, Simon


The battery charger is likely not compatible with RUTX11’s Bluetooth, which is primarily designed for BLE EYE Sensors and EYE Beacons. Just because two devices utilize Bluetooth technology, this doesn not inherently ensure they are capable of effective communication with each other. The reason for this is due to disparities in their design and implementation. While the RUTX devices may successfully identify the name and MAC address of your BLE device, interpreting additional data might be a difficult. This is primarily due to the data parsing differences between the devices. There is no guarantee that RUTX11 will interpret the data from the charger.

If you are technical, you can try creating your own solution by customizing the firmware using SDK with additional packages like bluez and bluetoothd to manage Bluetooth.

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