Connect IP device to VPN using TRB140?

I use a TRB140 to connect an IP intercom to internet.
Browsing the menu, I can see a VPN section where an IPsec VPN connection can be configured.
I’m not expert on that topic so I wonder how the TRB140 can act in a VPN configured mode.
My wish would be to connect an IP intercom (or any device, but without VPN configuration into the said device) to an existing IPsec VPN network so that my intercom would act just like in a local network (no rooting of SIP or RTP stream involved).
Is the TRB140 able to do that ?
I tried anyway some configuration but the examples that I found are for RUT and are a bit different. Also when I try CLI I got an error so I’m not able to troubleshot anything :

I have an existing working IPsec VPN on my computer using Fortinet, I want to use this to connect my intercom just the same using the TRB140.


Yes, you can use the TRB140 to bridge the connection between the IP intercom and the existing IPsec VPN network.

TRB140 VPN - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

When you are using the CLI, your username is root.

I’ve also attached an example for your reference.
IPsec_FortiGate_withRUTxxx.7z (657.4 KB)


Thank you for your answer. I checked the CLI and it’s only “Connecting” :
root@Teltonika-TRB140:~# ipsec status
Shunted Connections:
passth_cfg092beb_lan: === PASS
Security Associations (0 up, 1 connecting):
Commend-Commend_c[1]: CONNECTING, [Public IP of the TRB140][]…[Public IP of our Fortinet router][%any]

I put the credentials (my username and password) by activating ‘multiple secret’ and adding my login as Xauth.
I also activated ‘default route’ to be sure all trafic goes trough that VPN connection.
I have a parameter ‘Groupe DH’ in my Fortinet. It seems after a quick search that it stands for MODP1536 for Group 5.

On the other way, in the TRB140 I see some fields that I don’t know what to put in :
Local identifier
Remote identifier
As I use IKE Version 1, I assume it’s an IP address, but which one ? I put the fixed address of the computer that is currently connected to the TR140.

Thank you


Please ensure that you follow the document I provided and consider the steps outlined in it. If you’re still encountering issues, I recommend attempting to use IKEv2 as an alternative. If the problem continues to persist despite these efforts, could you please provide the troubleshooting file? This will assist in diagnosing the issue more accurately and offering appropriate solutions.

Additionally, you might find the provided example useful for reference in troubleshooting the IPsec VPN configuration.


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